Hello! I'm Katie Jolly.

I work with numbers and people to understand the world.

I am a student

I'm currently studying at Macalester College way up north in St. Paul, MN. My majors are geography and applied mathematics/statistics. The projects I work on are usually about the relationships between those two fields!

I also teach

I think data is important for understanding the world, and I want everyone to know how to use it well! At a minimum it's important to know how to spot misused numbers. I'm a preceptor for Introduction to Data Science: Data Science for Social Good at Macalester and I have volunteered as a TA with Hear Me Code in DC. I also write tutorials for Twin Cities R Ladies and occasionally for DataScience4SocialGood (a student organization) at Macalester. During my time at Hola Cultura in DC, I wrote and taught my own series of lessons on ArcGIS Online web maps for my coworkers!

And I learn new things through projects

There isn't space in my schedule for every class I want to take, so I've started teaching myself new concepts and skills. Lately I've been trying to learn more web development so I've been making changes to a template for this webpage. I also built a blog using django! To learn some natural language processing I did a project on how women in tech talk about themselves on Twitter (I recently presented that at a conference!).