My Projects! For code and a more complete list, visit my github.


As I've used R more for projects and become more familiar with the code structure, I've become interested in the development side of the R community. I decided to try writing my own package. In order to do this, I used a number of online resources and followed the examples of other packages. My package uses the Advice Slip API and allows you to get life advice and write it on a poster.

katiejolly: blogging with Jekyll

I wanted to practice writing about data science, as well as encourage myself to keep learning outside of class, so I recently decided to start blogging. I talk about data visualization, civic tech, and other cool things you can do (mostly) with R! My first post was generating poems with Markov chains based on Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey.

How Women in Tech Talk About Themselves on Twitter

In August, #WITBragDay was trending on Twitter for about two days in the week after the release of the Google diversity memo. It was essentially supposed to be a way for women in tech to talk about cool things they had done. I scraped the tweets and did an analysis of the ways in which women were "bragging" about themselves. The project ended up expanding into a presentation that I gave at the eUSR conference in November 2017, a conference for undergraduates in statistics. The slides are available here!

Racial residential segregation in Charlottesville, VA

I calculated the dissimilarity index for Charlottesville, VA as a measure of racial residential segregation. At the link is an rmarkdown of how I made my visualizations. There are population distribution maps and plots of the indices!

Django blog: "katie jolly"

I built this blog using the djangogirls tutorial and quite a bit of Googling. It was my first real full-stack project and pushed my abilities. It taught me how to use HTML/CSS and think with design in mind. So in a lot of ways, it was the beginnings of this site! At this point it isn't hosted anywhere, but the code is all on github (linked through the picture and title)

Writing narratives with data: An introduction to ggplot!

I wrote this tutorial and presented it at R Ladies Twin Cities It uses fivethirtyeight biopics data and begins by recreating their graphics. Feel free to use it and share it!