My Projects! For code and a more complete list, visit my github.

Exploring DC's bikeshare system: Wrangling with dplyr!

At my office hours for Introduction to Data Science (COMP 112) one night, some students mentioned they felt like they needed more practice with data wrangling and dplyr. So the next day I wrote an activity for them to work through. It ended up being really helpful for the students who worked on it with me and made them much more confident in using dplyr!

Mapping DC population change for Hola Cultura

I volunteered with Hola Cultura during summer 2017 (after interning the previous summer) to make maps for their stories. The maps can be found here. The previous summer I also taught a class for the other interns on using ArcGIS online to make story maps. Click here for an article one of my students wrote about the class! (Spoiler: he loved it!)